This stunning lady is the newest member of our High Vibe Tribe and will be the star of the show as she travels to all our farmers' markets and special events.

Irie has special roots to fill!

She is here to grow tall and proud right before our very eyes... so we can employ our senses to embrace her beauty, smells, feels and tastes!

Irie's most crucial role is to teach the world that she and all her brothers and sisters are here to help not only humans and animals, but the planet as a whole.

To be ONE with Nature!

Irie is simply a graceful plant grown from an innocent tiny seed.

She is very similar to herbs such as rosemary and thyme, and "weeds" such as plantain and dandelion.
(Don't let the word "weed" fool you… these "weeds" possess astounding medicinal properties as well!)

It takes about 120 days for her to reach full maturity and with DNA's proper nutrient rich soil, ample sunlight, spring fed water, and predominantly LOVE she can reach heights as tall as 20ft!

When Irie is ready to be harvested in fall her roots, stems, leaves, flower buds and seeds can be utilized for food, medicinal and industrial purposes.

In addition, Irie can help purify the air by capturing carbon dioxide, rejuvenate the soil by reintroducing key nutrients, and she is ideal for crop rotation!

Irie is also very hardy and has a natural defense to pests (aka terpenes), which eliminates the need for detrimental chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides.

More research is being conducted as we speak on all the "Iries" all over the world which only solidifies the fact that hemp is back and is here to stay!!

So next time our paths cross, don't be bashful and introduce yourself to Irie and all her Glory!


(Did you know, hemp can be substituted for many heavily relied on resources such as: cotton, grain, plastic, wood, concrete and more?!

Clothing, rope, paper, oils, hempcrete, feed and bedding are just a few examples of the many benefits of hemp.

Do some research… you will be amazed!)

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