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DNA HEMP-CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Honey

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Don't Worry Bee Happy and indulge in our finest: Full Spectrum DNA Hemp Honey.


We have the "honey hole" when it comes to  hemp honey. With only two ingredients: Locally sourced Wisconsin honey infused with DNA Hemp distillate, our hemp honey is un-bee-lievable!! Pure & unadulterated 😀


Find sweet relief in honey's natural nutrient and antioxidant richness combined with hemp's natural nutrient, protein and anti-inflammatory properties. Truly is liquid gold!


Sweeten coffee, tea, & oatmeal or use as a sugar substitute in your sweet treats!


3oz Hemp Honey = 669mg CBD Total

(Approximately 100mg CBD/1 TBSP)

12 oz Hemp Honey = 2690mg CBD Total

(Approximately 100mg CBD/1 TBSP


Find out what all the buzz is about and get your very own Full Spectrum DNA Hemp Honey  🐝🍯 


Only the best sticky icky icky for our Buds! ✌️