WHM: Women's History Month

WHM: Women's History Month


Women's History Month (WHM)

A chance to give credit where credit is due to all those wonderful women who love you and did everything imaginable to make this world a better place! A moment to celebrate women and all their drive, passion and grit! 

Grandmas, Moms, Aunts, Sisters, Cousins, Wives, BFFs, Neighbors, Coworkers, Role models, Teachers & Leaders

These WORLD CLASS WOMEN Play such a crucial role in every aspect, yet rarely get the credit that they deserve. 

Where would we be without women? Where would we be without that feminine energy? Where would we be without a woman’s love and nurture?

It’s simply amazing how many hats one lady can wear.


DNA Hemp HIGH VIBE TRIBE has an extremely Powerful Feminine presence and hold these women with the highest regard.

🌱 Female Hemp Plants

🐝 Queen Honey Bees

🌎 Earth Mamas

We couldn’t do it without these beautiful ladies!

So it only seems fitting that CBD can be of great value to WOMEN as well!

Whether it is to help with:

Pain, Sleep, Mood, Tension, Focus, Energy, Inflammation, Appetite, Hormones & Skin irritations

DNA has a Premium hemp product waiting for you!


We would like to honor our very own Ashley, the “A” in DNA, and all the other DNA High Vibe Tribe Earth Mamas that make this world go round.

To the Alphas, Boss Ladies, Mama Bears, Warrior Women, Biker Babes, Earth Mamas, Witchy Women…

THANK YOU for being YOU!

Here’s to gracefully taking care of business and not taking slack from no one!!

Wear your crown tall and proud, and stay sweet on the inside like a pineapple!

Be sure to tell your wonderful women how special they are to you today and EVERYDAY!!


We are leaders, We are love, We are life…


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