She's got the whole world in her hands:  Mother Nature holding a bowl full of  DNA Hemp flower buds.

🎶 She's got the whole world in Her hands 🎶

🎶 She's got the whole world in Her hands 🎶


Mother Earth provides us with a plethora of vital nutritional goodness. Every plant, tree, flower, herb, fruit and vegetable started from a tender precious seed, sprouted into life with love, and in perfect timing blossomed into the divine image as intended.


Truly is miraculous when you stop to think about it! 


At DNA Hemp our #1 Mission is to Cultivate a Natural Farmacy.

Seed to Soul!

Our beloved organically sun-grown Hemp is vastly versatile, and with proper rules and regulations, this magnificent plant can be exceptionally beneficial to all walks of life near and far.

Utilizing our very own DNA Hemp when creating our edibles, oils, topicals and smokeables allows us to comfortably combine the hemp with other real, natural ingredients for a truly healthy, wholesome experience.


Now lets explore how versatile this plant can undoubtedly be...



Hemp is a notably fragrant edible plant. We like to categorize it as an herb, right along with lavender, thyme and rosemary. The fan and sugar leaves, flower buds and seeds can be served fresh, frozen and dried with a slow cured process. Use whole plant matter or ground down to a powder, the choice is yours!

Enjoy them:

➡️ raw

➡️ juiced

➡️ extracted

➡️ baked

➡️ infused

➡️ steeped 

➡️and as a seasoning

It is the pride and joy in our teas, honey, gummies, baked goods, & more! Follow us for new recipes, cocktails and concoctions!



And let's not forget the oil. Take these sublingually (fancy word for under the tongue, which is one of the best methods of absorption 😜) for an accurately measured daily dose of cannabinoids. 

Our Full Spectrum oil offers the legal amounts of ALL cannabinoids which work in synergy to achieve the desired "entourage effect". Our Broad Spectrum oil includes all the cannabinoids except NO THC for those who may be concerned. 



Hemp is also a star ingredient in our TOPICALS. With its fat & alcohol soluble characteristics it can be easily incorporated in many recipes.

Studies have shown that hemp possesses possible calming, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties which may just be the help a sore muscle needs. (Or to take the itch and burn away from a mosquito bite or bee sting!)

Be sure to take a look at our lotion, body balm, lip balm, rollerball, soap and bath bombs to find a product to meet your needs.



And did we mention you can smoke DNA Hemp too?! Smoking allows for the cannabinoids to immediately enter the bloodstream for instantaneous relief.

If you have a peace pipe we offer flower buds in ⅛, ¼ and ½ ounces. And for those with less time and patience we do the work for you with our "Slims in a Tin" prerolls and "Doob in a Tube" blunts.



We have 6 unique strains to choose from, each with its own style and flair.  Your cannabinoid options are truly endless!

So go ahead and pick your fancy and let us know what strain speaks to you... There is sure to be a little something for everyone!


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