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Two Plants.
Same Age.
Separated During Infancy.
2ft Height Difference....
Just proves that when given proper space, guidance, nutrients and love one can reach their true full potential.
However, when confined, ignored, neglected and lonely one's progress can be shockingly stifled.
No fear, IRIE is not giving up quite yet! 
Even though she is not as big, lush and fruitful as the other ladies... 
She. Still. Grows.
Her journey may have been a bit different than her sisters but...
Growth. Is. Growth.
We could all learn a few lessons from Irie:
We are ALL works in progress...
Give. Yourself. Grace.
Our time may be limited, but…
Life. Is. Not. A. Race.
No comparison is necessary, for we each follow our own unique path…
Just. Stay. In. Your. Lane.
So even when you're feeling those sad feels....
Feel them. Honor them.
But, whatever you do...
Do. Not. Stay. There.
And most certainly…
Never. Lose. Hope.
For if you do you will miss the true blessings in life.
Everyday you open your eyes is a new day and a new beginning…
Every. Single. Day. Is. A. Blessing
Wonderful things happen when you choose to be thankful for each and every blessing…
So when the world seems to be a bit much,
Be. An. IRIE!
Stand Tall, Stand Strong and know that you are Never Alone.
Life is about choices...
The. Choice. Is. Up. To. You.
Be Stifled by Negativity or Choose Positivity and Progress.
And under no circumstances ever forget:
The ONLY time you look down on another is to…
Help. Them. Up!
To all our High Vibe Tribe:
Choose Peace ✌️
Choose Strength 💪
Choose Love ❤️
Choose Growth 🌱
Choose Kindness 😁
Choose Hope 🙏
Choose Gratitude 🙂
Choose High Vibes 💫
Vibe. Higher. Buds!

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