Every Day is Earth Day at DNA Hemp

Every Day is Earth Day at DNA Hemp

🌎 Earth Day 🌎

"There's an herb for every system, every organ, every gland, and every tissue of our body. Mother Nature has put medicine in our food."

-Bob Marley

Such a mysterious infinite intelligence... Mother Nature

The sun, the moon and the stars in the sky.

The birds, the bees, the flowers and the trees.

The oceans, the rivers, the lakes and the seas.

The fertile living soil.


Not a day goes by that we aren't absolutely astonished by how nature flows so effortlessly, always coming full circle.


Everything we need to survive is right in front of us depleting at a rapid rate and will continue to, until there is nothing left...

We are grateful to utilize the very dirt beneath our feet to ground, nourish, support and provide us with every opportunity to seize this day and make a change.

A lifestyle change.


Here at DNA Hemp, everyday is Earth Day!Β 

We intentionally try to do our part and BE THE CHANGE. That's what sprouted our passion for the plant....Β 

The HEMP plant!Β 


Hemp not only can be a great alternative to plastic, cotton, wood, food and medicine to name a few, but the Benefits of hemp go far beyond

β€œWhat hemp can do for us?”


β€œWhat hemp can do for Earth as a WHOLE?”

Soil and Climate Restoration are key benefits of this precious plant!


In addition, today and everyday DNA Hemp preserves Mother Earth with:

-Sustainable biodynamic farming techniques

-Living soil

-Cover crop

-Spring fed water

-Ethically sourced seeds

-Organic amendments

-🚫 pesticide

-🚫 herbicide


Did we mention we raise honey bees, plant herbs, veggies & flowers, compost, recycle, carpool, utilize reusable containers & compostable packaging and practice vertical integration?!

We are always looking for new ways to reduce, reuse, recycle and Be the Change! ✌️

What are some of your favorites?

Please share Buds!Β 


Now go run outside and put your piggies in the mud!! πŸ‘£

Align your chakras ☯️

Repair your DNA 🧬

Acknowledge your sensesΒ 


And decide toΒ 



DNA Hemp: Cultivating a Natural Farmacy since 2019 🌱



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