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DNA HEMP-CBD “Unicorn” Distillate

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Make it Magical with our:

DNA Hemp-CBD “Unicorn” Distillate

Grown and processed in Wisconsin with precision pharmaceutical-grade molecular distillation technology and made from our finest DNA Hemp strains, this hemp distillate is sure to elevate.

Our “Unicorn” distillate contains 95% beneficial cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC and other terpenes that attribute to the glittery goodness.

With 950mgCBD/ml this DNA Hemp Distillate is supercharged to take you to the rainbow and beyond!

Perfect for creating, baking and everything in between.

The options are endless Buds!

Don't miss out on this pure liquid gold DNA Hemp distillate.

Available while supplies last.

Farm Bill Compliant.

Contact Ashley at: