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Hemp CBD Flower

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Elevate your senses with our farm fresh hemp flower. Find a mellow state of mind with our soothing Midwest Jupiter strain. The distinctly rich and earthy aroma provides long-lasting relief. Simply put, this far out hemp flower is pure bliss. 

For an uplifting boost, indulge in our lively KLR Cherry Limeade strain. This groovy hemp flower features impressive genetics for a truly balanced strain. Enjoy notes of sweet and sour as you savor this remarkably refreshing treat. Ideal for morning and daytime use. 



Why DNA Hemp?

Hand cultivated on our Wisconsin family farm. Hemp CBD products straight from the source delivered right to your door.

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Elevate your senses with our farm fresh hemp flower. 

  • Natural Hemp CBD 

  • 6 Hemp Strains

  • Wisconsin Grown

  • Full Spectrum

  • 100% Fresh Flower  

  • Conveniently Packaged

  • Non-GMO

  • 3rd Party Lab Tested  


Berry Blossom

Find a whole nother level of relaxation with our indica dominant sweet Berry Blossom hemp flower strain. Exceptional floral notes smothered in exotic overtones of candied raspberries and acai berries will leave you savoring the delightful flavor.

Big beautiful dense buds and captivating fragrances distinguish this flower from the rest. The powerful non-intoxicating cannabinoid profile includes CBD, CBCa, CBDa, CBGa, and CBDVa. 

This terpene rich flower strain contains β-Caryophyllene, α-Bisabolol, β-Myrcene, and Guaiol all of which contribute to the delectable flavors and numerous healing properties.

When you are looking to level up your relaxation game, Berry Blossom belongs on your team. The subtle yet soothing effects are ideal for daytime or evening support. 

Berry Blossom is proudly cultivated with biodynamic farming methods on our Wisconsin family hemp farm.

Available while supplies last.


Berry Blossom Cannabinoid Profile:

CBD - 0.26%

CBCa - 0.73%

CBDa - 13.95%

CBGa - 0.51%

CBDVa - 0.06%

THC - 0.3%


Berry Blossom Terpene Profile:

β-Caryophyllene - .08%

α-Bisabolol - .07%

β-Myrcene - .04%

Guaiol - .04%

cis-Nerolidol - .03%

α-Humulene- .03%





Beautiful and bold our indica dominant hemp flower strain, Bueno, will have you shouting "arriba". This aromatic hemp strain captivates your senses with rich notes of bright berries that deliver a delicious burst of flavor. 

The earthy berry blend will lift your mood and relax your soul with a triumphant combination of cannabinoids including CBD, CBCa, CBDa, CBGa, and CBDVa.  

β-Caryophyllene, α-Bisabolol, cis-Nerolidol, α-Humulene are among the top terpenes found in our Bueno strain which are responsible for the refined aroma and rejuvenating effects.

Just say mas Bueno por favor when you crave a blissful boost and elevated experience. Perfecto for kick starting those creative juices.

Bueno is proudly cultivated with biodynamic farming methods on our Wisconsin family hemp farm.

While supplies last.


Bueno Cannabinoid Profile:

CBD - 0.35%

CBCa - 0.57%

CBDa - 12.54%

CBGa - 0.41%

CBDVa - 0.33%

THC - 0.3%


Bueno Terpene Profile:

β-Caryophyllene - .13%

α-Bisabolol - .06%

cis-Nerolidol - .05%

α-Humulene - .04%

Guaiol - .03%

β-Myrcene - .02%

Eucalyptol - .01%

Caryophyllene Oxide - .01%




Take comfort in the body calming effects and mental clarity of our top shelf indica-dominant hybrid hemp flower: Chardonnay. Cured to perfection like a fine wine, the overtones of fresh strawberry rhubarb jam and candied raspberries create a vibrant blend of sweet fruits offering the ultimate indulgence.

The swirling aroma entices and treats the senses while offering a plethora of non-intoxicating cannabinoid effects.  CBD, CBCa, CBDa, CBGa, and CBDVa all contribute to the euphoria of this distinctive hemp flower strain.

When it comes to terpenes, Chardonnay is no stranger. β-Caryophyllene,  α-Bisabolol, and Guaiol produce the radiant flavors in addition to many medicinal benefits.

If you wish to raise your vibrations and heighten alertness without the couch-slouch then our Chardonnay hemp flower strain is for you. Popular among both day and night users.

Chardonnay is proudly cultivated with biodynamic farming methods on our Wisconsin family hemp farm.

Limited edition, available while supplies last.


Chardonnay Cannabinoid Profile:

CBD - 0.27%

CBCa - 0.64%

CBDa - 14.59%

CBGa - 0.63%

CBDVa - 0.70%

THC - 0.3%

Chardonnay Terpene Profile:

β-Caryophyllene - .10%

α-Bisabolol - .06%

Guaiol - .05%

α-Humulene - .03%

Caryophyllene Oxide - .01%

β-Myrcene - .01%



Orange Peel

For the fresh twist you need on those moody days, try our indica dominant hybrid hemp strain: Orange Peel. This zesty flower features a rejuvenating blend of pungent citrus orange peel flavor with sweet skunky overtones.

This unique sweet and sour combination provides a cannabinoid power punch. CBD, CBC, CBCa, CBDa, CBGa, and CBDVa work unanimously to provide the body's Endocannabinoid System with the fuel it needs for optimal performance.

Orange Peel's top terpenes include: α-Bisabolol, β-Caryophyllene, and β-Myrcene.  These terpenes not only give this flower strain its radiant flavor, but also contributes to its many therapeutic benefits.

When you are in the market for a physically relaxing mood booster to amplify your life reach for Orange Peel. Ideal for early birds or night owls on their grind.

Orange Peel is proudly cultivated with biodynamic farming methods on our Wisconsin family hemp farm.

Limited supplies available.


Orange Peel Cannabinoid Profile:

CBD - 0.28%

CBC - 0.02%

CBCa - 0.71%

CBDa - 14.76%

CBGa - 0.43%

CBDVa - 0.09%

THC - 0.3%


Orange Peel Terpene Profile:

α-Bisabolol - .05%

β-Caryophyllene - .05%

β-Myrcene - .04%

α-Pinene - .04%

Guaiol - .02%

α-Humulene - .02%

β-Pinene - .02%

Caryophyllene Oxide - .01%

cis-Nerolidol - .01%



Red Bordeaux

Free your mind and unwind with our indica dominant hybrid hemp flower strain: Red Bordeaux. Experience for yourself the overtones of fresh cut strawberries and elegant notes of crushed lavender with hints of cherry and gasoline to follow.

These sweet florals balanced by earthy undertones deliver a decadent dose of premium hemp CBD, along with other cannabinoids including: CBCa, CBDa, CBGa, and CBDVa. A perfect combination to produce the blissful "entourage effect".

The exquisite terpene collection contains β-Caryophyllene, α-Bisabolol, β-Myrcene, and Guaiol which are responsible for the spicy warmth that comes to the nose similar to cinnamon and cracked black pepper.

When you want to calm your body and relax you mind look no further than Red Bordeaux. A dynamite choice for an after dinner tea or take a toke from a slim in a tin before your head meets the bed! The options are endless.

Red Bordeaux is proudly cultivated with biodynamic farming methods on our Wisconsin family hemp farm.

Limited supplies available.


Red Bordeaux Cannabinoid Profile:

CBD - 0.19%

CBCa - 0.53%

CBDa - 11.67%

CBGa - 0.07%

CBDVa - 0.18%

THC - 0.3%


Red Bordeaux Terpene Profile:

β-Caryophyllene - .11%

α-Bisabolol - .05%

β-Myrcene - .03%

Guaiol - .03%

α-Humulene - .01%

cis-Nerolidol - .01%

δ-Limonene - .01%

Caryophyllene Oxide - .01%

cis-Ocimene - .01%




Ultra Violet

Stay focused and clear as you conquer your day with our CBD dominate indica hybrid hemp flower strain: Ultra Violet. This fragrant and flavorful flower packs a punch with the dynamic flavors of sweet cherry, smooth grape, sour grapefruit, and spicy pepper.  

Ultra Violet is an olfactory delight that delivers an elevated experience. The cannabinoid combination of CBD, CBCa, CBDa, CBGa, and CBDVa helps you attain the long desired "entourage effect".

Tricome heavy and very sticky, Ultra Violet produces incredible resin and terpene rich flavors. Many therapeutic benefits are offered through this astounding terpene profile which includes β-Caryophyllene, cis-Nerolidol, α-Bisabolol, and β-Myrcene. 

When you are prepared to unleash your true potential, reach no further than our Ultra Violet Hemp flower strain. Use daily for natural support.

Ultra Violet is proudly cultivated with biodynamic farming methods on our Wisconsin family hemp farm.

Limited supplies available.


Ultra Violet Cannabinoid Profile:

CBD - 0.19%

CBCa - 0.65%

CBDa - 12.84%

CBGa - 0.47%

CBDVa - 0.04%

THC - 0.3%

Ultra Violet Terpene Profile:

β-Caryophyllene - .13%

cis-Nerolidol - .06%

α-Bisabolol - .06%

β-Myrcene - .06%

α-Humulene - .04%

Guaiol - .04%

cis-Ocimene - .01%



Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Do not consume if you are nursing or pregnant.

*This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. This is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.