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DNA Hemp-CBD "Dope Soap on a Rope"


Why DNA Hemp?

Hand cultivated on our Wisconsin family farm. Hemp CBD products straight from the source delivered right to your door.

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Cleanse your Body and Suds your Soul with our: Dope Soap on a Rope.

This nourishing blend will not only moisturize but also exfoliate and elevate with our marvelous blend of oils and hemp plant matter.

Hemp rope attached for convenience. 

124mg Total Cannabinoids per bar.

Be sure to try this amazing Artesian Hemp Soap Hand-Made by our Buds at AUBURN WOODS.


Olive Oil

Coconut Oil

Palm Oil

Castor Oil

DNA Hemp

Eucalyptus essential oil

Cedar wood essential oil 

Spearmint essential oil 

4.5oz of pure bliss for your skin